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About me

Julia Moniewski was born in 1985 in Inowroclaw in Poland and has been living in Switzerland since 2010. Already as a child she was interested in painting and music. During her nine-year training at the music school, she attended the Gymnasium for Art. Afterwards, she completed her studies in architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Bromberg (Poland) and during this time she turned to the arts. In various painting and drawing courses at M.A. Tadeusz Hassek in Poland, she continued to educate herself in painting with a focus on still life, figurines and nudes. Julia Moniewski is a freelance artist, she paints and draws portraits of live models, corresponding photos or from her own imagination. She also gladly accepts commissions and regularly sells her pictures and drawings. Her favourite painting mediums are acrylic and oil paints on canvas, and while drawing, she uses various strengths of carbon and graphite pencils.


Exhibitions / Biography:

THOMPSON'S Gallery, London (UK),

Group exhibition

8th - 25th September 2021


CALMANN-LÉVY, Paris (France), January 2021

Book cover for a novel "Le Mal-épris" Bénédicte Soymier



Solothurn (Switzerland):

21. Swiss Art Supermarket in Solothurn,

6 November 2020 - 10 January 2021


Milano (Italy):

GALLERIA CAEL: group exhibition "SYSTEM ART", 

22 September - 05 October 2020



Niederbipp (Switzerland):

Räberstöckli, KULTUR FOR EVERYONE , group exhibition "CREATIONS OF LIFE",

19 September - 04 October 2020


Publication in magazine "VOGUE" (UK), November issue

Publication in magazine "VOGUE" (UK), October issue

Publication in magazine "VOGUE" (UK), September issue


Publication in magazine "Vanity Fair" (UK), October issue

Publication in magazine "Vanity Fair" (UK), September issue

Publication in magazine "Vanity Fair" (UK), July/August issue


Publication in magazine "House & Garden" (UK), October issue

Publication in magazine "House & Garden" (UK), September issue

Publication in magazine "House & Garden" (UK), July/August issue


Cooperation with Online Gallery ARTISTERY`S in Vienna (Austria)


Cooperation with VAN GOGH Art Gallery in Madrid (Spain)




First international contemporary art fair,

21 - 23 August 2020


Zürich (Switzerland):

Art Talents Kunstmarkt Zürich,

26 April 2020 (cancelled)


Solothurn (Switzerland):

Manual- and Physiotherapie Office, Daniel Aebi, solo exhibition,

(permanent exhibition)


Solothurn (Switzerland):

Galerie Arte Sol, double exhibition with René Rios,

5 - 26 September 2015



Schwarzenberg (Lucerne) (Switzerland):

Hotel Bildungszentrum Matt, solo exhibition,

26 September - 09 November 2012